Unique IoT based Sensor Systems
for Silos and Tanks

Lindcom's unique IoT based Sensor Systems offer companies within Agriculture, Energy and Logistics the means to accurately monitor the content of Silos and Tanks in real time. This is made possible leveraging state-of-the-art Industrial IoT connectivity, securing the integration of data between our unique Sensor System and the eStock Software Management System.

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CO2 Reduction & Supply Chain Intelligence

Optimize Your Logistics
to Save Money, Time and CO2 Emissions.

Our Real Time Data Integration makes it possible for End Users and Suppliers to Optimize and Coordinate Deliveries. Thereby, both the Supplier and End User will be able to significantly lower Logistics and Administration Costs as well as significantly lowering their CO2 emissions, hence minimizing CO2 Taxes, too.

Unique Pricing Model

No Upfront Costs

Due to Lindcom's unique Sensor System we are able to offer our Monitoring Solutions at a Market Leading Price Level.
In addition, Lindcom takes care of all Upfront Costs related to Hardware, Software and Installation of Sensors and Gateways.
Consequently, Lindcom is able to offer an All Inclusive ‘Pay per Month’ Subscription Package.
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No Installation Fees

No Hardware Cost

No Maintanence Fees

Lindcom Support included

Proof of Concept

Pilot Projects

To our Northern European Enterprise Clients we offer a joint Proof of Concept Pilot Project including the Option of White Labeling.

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