Terms and Conditions

This website is provided and controlled by Lindcom A/S, Lyngby Hovedgade 54A, DK-2800 Lyngby, Denmark, CVR no: 28708653. E-mail: contact@lindcom.dk

The following conditions apply to all business transactions with our company. No specific conditions shall apply unless specifically agreed in writing by us.


The prices stated in the price lists shall be valid from the date of issue and shall replace all previous price lists. All quoted prices are gross prices exclusive VAT. Errors and omissions excepted. All prices are subject to change without prior notice. Orders will be confirmed at prices valid on the date of receipt. If the customer requests delivery and installation to take place more than 90 days later we reserve the right to charge prices valid on the date of delivery and installation.

Shipping & Installation Costs

Prices as stated in the Lindcom price lists do not apply to international orders outside the European Union. Price conditions for international agreements will be agreed upon individually.

Time of Delivery

Lindcom A/S will make every effort to fulfil confirmed delivery dates, but shall not be held liable for any delay in dispatch or any loss occasioned thereby.

Installation of Lindcom A/S' hardware

In case the customer has requested to perform the hardware installation on their own, Lindcom will not be responsible for any hardware damage, nor will Lindcom be responsible for any malfunctioning installations that would result in inaccurate data monitoring or no data monitoring at all.


New orders and back orders will not be shipped or produced for accounts with overdue balances, unless this is agreed upon in written between Lindcom A/S and the customer.

Property of the Products

Until complete settlement of the payment for products delivered, they remain the property of Lindcom A/S. This also applies in relation to leasing contracts signed by the customer, Lindcom A/S and any third party company involved in the leasing contract. If the customer enters into any composition with his creditors, enters into liquidation, fails to make payment under this agreement or in the opinion of Lindcom A/S is unable to pay the customer's debts, then Lindcom A/S reserves the right to repossess the sold products. Lindcom A/S shall have the right without prior notice to take steps to repossess the sold products and to cancel any pending orders and stop any products in transit. Lindcom A/S may sue the customer for overdue payments notwithstanding that property of the products may not have passed to the customer.


Lindcom A/S offers 24 month warranty on products sold. The warranty period commence from the date of invoicing. For acknowledged and accepted claims, Lindcom A/S shall, at its own discretion, either repair or replace the defective part or product in order to remedy the defect or refund the purchase price of the defective part or product.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The general terms and conditions shall for all purposes be governed and construed in accordance with Danish Law.

Please download our general Service Level Agreement to read more about Lindcom's general terms and conditions applying to any business cooperation between Lindcom and the customer. The terms and conditions stated in the Service Level Agreement might be subject to customization based upon the individual business cooperation between Lindcom and the customer.